Green Money

Game Information



The proceeds of this game goes to Sue Ryder

Odds of winning

1 in 3.99


£ 1.00

How to play

Scratch panel: Match three symbols in a row across to win prize for that row across.

Where to play

Any participating Morrisons store, or contact Rieves Lotteries directly.

Where to claim prizes

The Morrisons store where the ticket was purchased, or, any participating Morrisons store, or, contact us directly.

How to claim your winnings

You must be in possession of the Scratchcard to claim. Prizes of £50 or under can be claimed from any participating Morrisons store. Prizes over £50 will be paid by cheque. Ask store staff or visit for a claims form. At claimant’s risk, claims can be made by posting ticket (and completed claims form) to: Rieves Lotteries Ltd, Barking House, Farndon Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9NP. All prizes must be claimed no later than 31 days after the expiry date which is 22nd August 2015.

Winning symbols


Prizes available


Game closure

This game is due to close on 22nd August 2015. The game is subject to earlier closure if all tickets have sold. All prizes must be claimed no later than 31 days after the expiry date.